AI: Cracking Covid-19's Code

Tuesday, Aug. 18, at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT
Artificial intelligence is proving a potent weapon against the pandemic, enabling researchers to comb through massive data sets to understand the virus and how to combat it.
From drug development to immune response, STAT's Casey Ross will talk to researchers and AI experts about how AI is accelerating a worldwide effort to crack Covid-19's molecular code.
Speakers include:
  • Sponsor Introduction: Julie Rubinstein, president, Adaptive Biotechnologies
  • Karen Akinsanya, Ph.D., executive vice president, chief biomedical scientist, head of discovery R&D, Schrödinger
  • Peter Lee, corporate vice president, Microsoft Research & Incubations
  • Matthew Might, Ph.D., director, Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute, University of Alabama of Birmingham
  • Moderator: Casey Ross, national technology correspondent, STAT
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