January 24, 2023
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Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and MIT are testing an AI model called Sybil designed to predict a patient's risk of lung cancer using a CT scan.

STAT+ | As more never-smokers develop lung cancer, researchers test an AI model to predict patient risk

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and MIT are testing an AI model to predict a patient's risk of lung cancer using a CT scan.

By Casey Ross

STAT+ | Liquid-biopsy firm Grail is spending more than ever lobbying Congress

The company's spending in Washington has been rising; during the fourth quarter of 2021, Grail spent $470,000 on lobbying.

By Jonathan Wosen

STAT+ | How one private biotech seized on JPM to emerge from stealth and tell its story

The team behind Rezo Therapeutics spent weeks honing a pitch deck to appeal to attendees and explain what, exactly, they had been up to.

By Allison DeAngelis

Molly Ferguson for STAT

STAT+ | Is mesothelin a key to tackling solid tumors? Some biotech companies are betting that it is

Mesothelin, a protein found on cancer cells and also in healthy tissue, may be a key to tackling solid tumors, some biotechs believe.

By Angus Chen

STAT+ | After four years of big talk, mega startup Sana prepares to deliver some data

CEO Steve Harr acknowledges setbacks but says Sana will start clinical trials of novel treatments for both cancer and diabetes this year.

By Jason Mast

STAT+ | In the search for therapies for solid tumors, companies are turning to a novel target: claudin-6

Several biotech and pharma companies have begun developing bispecific antibodies or CAR-T cell therapies targeting claudin-6.

By Angus Chen


STAT+ | Major purchasers predict expensive new therapies will keep driving drug price hikes

The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act is expected to be modest in terms of implications for drug pricing and use, a new survey found.

By Ed Silverman

Listen: How blockbusters get made, new vaccines for RSV, and mRNA’s Q score

Journalist Nathan Vardi joins us to talk about his new book delving into the race to develop the lifesaving cancer drug now called Imbruvica.

By Damian Garde and Meg Tirrell and Adam Feuerstein

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