February 21, 2023
Eros Dervishi for STAT

STAT+ | How a depression test devised by a Zoloft marketer became a crutch for a failing mental health system

A bedrock of the U.S. mental health system — a 9-item questionnaire used to spot depression — began not with a doctor, but with a marketer.

By Olivia Goldhill

Experts weigh in on potential health hazards posed by chemicals in Ohio train derailment

In the aftermath of Ohio's train disaster, concerns are mounting about potential chemical exposures sustained by humans and wildlife. 

By Jill Neimark

Hong Kong pulls visa for ‘CRISPR babies’ scientist He Jiankui

Hong Kong pulled the visa for He Jiankui hours after he announced his research plans in the financial hub.

By Kanis Leung and Emily Wang Fujiyama — Associated Press

Alissa Ambrose/STAT

Cereal, pasta, and other food companies blast the FDA for a too-strict definition of ‘healthy’

The companies behind America’s favorite culinary indulgences are upset their foods wouldn’t be “healthy” under a recent FDA proposal.

By Nicholas Florko

STAT+ | Antibody treatment benefits leukemia patients receiving bone marrow transplant

The antibody-radiation treatment, called Iomab-B, is being developed by Actinium Pharmaceuticals, a small drugmaker based in New York.

By Adam Feuerstein

Opinion: Tobacco companies pledge ‘harm reduction’ but are doing the opposite

Big Tobacco's "harm reduction" seems to be marketing nicotine-laden vaping products and lobbying against regulating traditional cigarettes.

By Howard K. Koh and Michael Fiore

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